Thai massage Mali

Thai massage Mangosteen
Thai massage is intended for all of the parts of the body from head to toe of the foot.
Thai massage you can feel a very relaxed mood. There is a stretch course and oil course.Stretch course is good feeling it includes a stretch to bend and stretch not only rub the body is good.
Oil course is with a focus on relaxation effect. Basically use palm only irritating to the skin and impregnated with components of the oil to the skin.Please try a Thai massage certainly once.
Home of staff with skilfull Thai massage await you.


Shop Thai massage Mali
Tel 03-6457-6966
Address Hojodo mansion 302, 1-16-15 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0072
Access 3 minutes from the JR Yamanote Line ” Shin-Okubo ” station
6 minutes from gate of elevator of Fukutoshin line “Higashi Shinjuku ” station
Business hours Open: 12:00 pm
Close: 2:00 am
7 days a week


Thai massage + Oil massage + lymph massage

60min 10,000yen ⇒ 9,000yen
90min 12,000yen ⇒ 11,000yen
90min 15,000yen ⇒ 14,000yen

Extended 30min 5,000yen

Staff nomination fee :1,000yen